Bristol 47.7

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Hull type: Long fin keel
LOA: 47 feet
LWL: 37.25 feet
Beam: 13.15 feet
Draft: 4 feet, 10 inches (centerboard up), 11 feet (down)
Displacement: 34,660 pounds
Designer: Ted Hood
Water tank: 167 gallons
Fuel tank: 150 gallons
PHRF New England: 114
Motion comfort ratio: 42.66

Owners’ comments

What the Bristol brochure said

With every sailing journey comes unique adventure. Indeed, it is adventure in discovering the unknown that calls man to the sea time and time again. The Bristol 47.7 delivers you to and from your destination in casual elegance, gracing each trip with the assurance of sound construction, efficient layout and outstanding performance.


Quality construction begins witha hull of hand laminated solid fiberglass, reinforced in high stress areas. Vinylester resin is used in the outer most laminates. The deck, also of hand-laminated fiberglass, features a 1/2 inch balsa core for stiffening and a molded nonskid deck surface. In built-to-last Bristol fashion, the deck is fitted to a recessed flange on the hull and through bolted on 6″ centers. To complete the hull-to-deck bond, a teak toe rail is though bolted at alternating intervals. Each interior bulhead is joined to the hull and deck with fiberglass, while the cabin sole is constructed of individual pieces of solid teak and ash splines that are screwed and then glued toa sub-floor. All plumbing both hot and cold is piped through copper tubing with flare fittings. The hydro dynamically shaped centerboard is constructed of solid fiberglass with steel reinforcing rods added for strength. Bronze seacocks are used on all thru hulls and are grounded. Special features include custom stainless steel water tanks connected byt selection manifolds as well as state of the art electrical and mechanical systems easily accessed for maintenance. All chain plates are stainless steel and are through bolted to fiberglass knees, which are bonded to the hull. Each chain plate is accessible for routine inspection.


With well-planned spaciousness below, the Bristol 47.7 interior design is a product of time and experience. The efficient galley is throughly equipped for cruising, including a stainless steel icebox with 12v refrigeration, double sinks, large countertops, and a three-burner propane gas range withoven. Propane tanks are located in their own sealed compartment and vented overboard for safety. The owner’s stateroom features unparalleled spaciousness in a boat of this size, which includes a large head witha separate stall shower. Exdellent ventilation is provided by numerous opening hatches and ports. Teak handrails are stratigically placed for maximum accessibility while at sea. The lead insulated engine room has access from both sides for easy maintenance. An abundance of lockers, drawers and shelves provide gear storage enough for a weekend cruise or an ocean crossing. Elegance becomes a personalized statement with an owner’s ability to customize the 47.7 interior, hand-selecting woods of teak, mahogany, ash and cherry.


Powerful hull lines combined with medium to heavy displacement and a keel/centerboard design translate to superb boat speed. A good sail area to wetted surface ratio and a long waterline contributes to the boat’s performance. A tall double spreader rig with rod rigging and a fine entry add to the 47.7’s sailing ability. Competitive for both club and long distance racing, the 47.7 can be comfortably handled by two people. Great racing or cruising adventures demand great performance, and Bristol yachts are proven performers. Considered one of the most successful designs of hte ’80s, the Bristol 47.7 proudly claims several Marion-to-Bermuda Race titles.

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