Bristol 43.3

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Hull type: Long fin keel
LOA: 43.25 feet
LWL: 33.33 feet
Beam: 12.92 feet
Draft: 4.5 feet (centerboard up), 10 feet (down)
Displacement: 26,530 pounds
Designer: Ted Hood, Deiter Empacher
Water tank: 160 gallons
Fuel tank: 120 gallons
PHRF New England: 117

Owners’ comments

What the Bristol brochure said

“Sensational! Ted Hood’s design staff and Bristol Yachts’ craftsmen have helped define the term Cruiser-Racer. The 43.3 gets top performance from features like a medium displacement keel-centerboard design ( for favorable wetted surface to displacement ratio), a fine entry (for good upwind performance), powerful aft sections (for added stabilty and good speed off the wind), and a partailly skeg hung rudder.”

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