Bristol 28

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Ski Gull, a 1972 Bristol 28 owned by Les Shelton.

Bristol 28s are rare — reportedly, only about eight or 10 of them were built between 1972 and 1974.

They have a fin heel with a separate rudder protected by a skeg. With a draft of 5 feet, 4 inches and a long waterline of 24 feet, the 28 has a PHRF rating of 189 and was designed by Halsey Herreshoff primarily for racing.

While the small number of 28s makes it difficult to rate the boat, one online poster on in 2009 had good words for the boat.

“From a design standpoint, these were some of the best all around boats that Bristol ever built. The couple that I have sailed on sailed very well, offering good performance and motion comfort for their size and age,” the poster said.

As with all older sailboats, have it checked out thoroughly if you are considering a purchase.

Conditions vary widely because some owners didn’t do required maintenance, and even small vessels can require thousands of dollars in repairs and upgrades if they were neglected.


Hull type: Fin keel
LOA: 28 feet
LWL: 24 feet
Beam: 10 feet
Draft: 5.3 feet
Displacement: 6,600 pounds
Designer: Halsey Herreshoff
Water tank:
Fuel tank:
PHRF New England: 189

Line drawings and more specs on the 28